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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Somehow this has to do with writing.

I've been looking through my Survivalism journal (Which I should really call something else, like the Perfect Drug journal).
Thus named because I wrote my first (atrocious) draft of Survivalism. And some earlier drafts of Hyperpower! and Beginning of the End.

Why should it be called the Perfect Drug journal? If you recall, the chronological foursome of And You Could Have it All, Burnt Ravioli and Two Types of Salt, A Pretty Hate Romance (getting to that...) & Beside You (In Time) are all the Perfect Drug series. Yes? Well, I wrote my first, slightly-less-atrocious-than-Survivalism-but-still-pretty-bad draft of And You Could Have It All in there.
And a little chunk of a little story entitled How Did You Think We'd Get By Without You?, aka the original title/version of Pretty Hate Romance.

The first chapter was Piggy... and there was this little gem in there that probably won't make it into PHR:
"Aaron Fucking North here, how may I help you?"
"First off ,you stole my middle name. Secondly, you're gay with Jerome, right?"
"If it isn't Trent Fucking Reznor! And hell yes I am, just like you're gay with Davey."
"Hahaha. And I've called about Davey."
"Your boyfriend isn't here. Isn't he on tour? If he isn't, he's probably getting his nails done with Jerome..."

Oh, also in here is a Davey-doodle with the lyrics to Eraser around it, what would've been chapters 11, 13, and 14 of Havok's Downward Spiral (*shudder*), Davey's suicide note from HDS, some fics I never got around to writing (ala Since When is Wonderland Called Decemberunderground?! & the second chapter of a fic I started entitled Medicate), a little mini-essay entitled "A Not About Puget With Teeth", and... woah what the hell is this?!
Without You, Everything Falls Apart
Trentvey -> Crossovers
1. La Mer
2. The Perfect Drug
3. Closer to God

...oh wait, first draft of AYCHIA. Panic averted.

Continuing, my little doodles for AYCHIA, ... photography notes?!, holy crap first idea of Lost & Found Backstage (which I still wanna write), ...a chapter draft for Prelude 0000 (what was going to be the prequel to Survivalism which became YZ ch 1&2), what I thought were Medicate lyrics, an early draft of In This Twilight (ch15), and BOTE's draft.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Meet Your Master Teasers!

(this is still Suki, posting off another account)

I'm gonna do a Me, I'm Not on this one. For everyday I don't post this chapter, I will give you guys two teasers. Trent's a bit of a sadistic bastard in this one.
I'm giving you guys pretty meaty teasers because you've been waiting since November for this chapter.


teaser one:
"Shut up now, this'll only hurt a minute."

Before he could protest, I hit him hard in the temple with my gun. He was out cold less than a second later, his head lolling on my arm. I grabbed his limp arms, locked together by handcuffs, and started to drag him across the hall. Blood dripped down the side of his head, settling amongst the thickly carpeted floor. It sort of looked like a glass of red wine that had been knocked down, spilled all over the white carpeting.

The blood didn't bother me. They'd figure out he was missing soon enough, even without a trail of blood leaving his office.
teaser two:
"Puget, take vanguard. Behind me, check out for any followers, got it?"

"Got it."
One step at a time, down into the belly of the beast, into the bowels of Hell. It was going to be a not-so-easy out, and I didn't want to further injure myself so soon into the mission. The stairs felt longer this time, an eternity of a slope that would never take me to my destination. And just as that thought crossed my mind, I was on even footing again. Now it was just into the blood bath, to see all the sights a once-battle has to offer.


teaser three:
Davey stood at the mouth of the hallway, his battered combat boots standing in a puddle of blood. Now it was time to cut through the carnage, see what we had to see.
"Come on, lead the way," Davey said, his voice strong. He hadn't spoken since... probably since Billie Joe and Tré had been shot down. An eternity ago, only in a few hours. He grinned at me, stepping aside to show the trail of death we'd left behind. Body upon body of soldiers, all soaked in blood. I noticed, too, that Davey was bleeding from a few wounds -- a graze on the side of his stomach, a clean cut through two parts of his right arm.
I took my place at the head of the group, again, just like our escape from the Exterminal: a gun in my hand, sweat running down my back, and a mission against the government to accomplish.
teaser four:
"Well then, let's go," I sighed, taking my first step into the deep, dark unknown-but-known.
Squich, squelch, crack!
The sound of the bodies breaking under our shoes. Nothing could stop us from making out journey, nothing short of Death himself coming down here and stealing our souls.

No-one said a word, no-one tried to breathe the sickening air that was filled with decay. Thankfully, our boots were high enough so that the blood and soft flesh would only cake on the outside and not seep in. Hopefully -- though I was never one to hope -- the boots would be reusable, what with all the shit that was on them at this point, only a few meters in, and what would attach itself by the end of the tunnel. Vaguely, I wondered why I hadn't thought of stealing gas masks. Then I remembered that I hadn't thought we'd have to go out over a sea of dead soldiers' bodies.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Novel

A new novel? No way...

It's true. A new novel, hopefully. Don't Forget Me, titled after the Chili Peppers song.

It's a sequel to 21st Century Breakdown. The series is called Minority. Also in the works is the 21CB's prequel, American Idiot.
Don't Forget Me isn't an albumfic though. It focuses on Gloria, around 2 or 3 years after the events of 21st Century Breakdown.
That means Gloria's 21, Christian's 22, Maria's 20, Tunny's 25-ish, et cetera.

Anyway. Series post soon. Post on DFM soon.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Year Zero Hiatus.

As posted on my AFIslash bio...

YEAR ZERO: I've hit a major writer's block that will take much trippy dreams, music, and Write or Die to fix. It's gonna be on hiatus till at least next summer. I apologize for the delay, guys. Just can't get back in the swing of the characters. :-(

This isn't indefinite like HDS (well, HDS was scrapped). Just six months, people. Let me get my writing shit together.

I miss writing it just as much as y'all miss reading it.

Editing is Hell.

So an update on my status.

I hope to churn out YZ over Winter Break. I've been having trouble getting into the characters.

So for now, I'm editing 21CB. I'm making it an orig.fic. Christian et Gloria <3 It's hell though. Plowing through 10.5. Of course, I'm doing the rewriting over WB too.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Just Zeroes and Ones

SHINY BANNER IS SHINY. For the entire series...

Working on chapter 11. Okay, really, I've been listening to NIN and slacking off... but... I'm trying to work on it?

Again, I hope to finish Year Zero by the end of the year. At this point, I've got another 6 chapters to write (well, I already have bits of 11, 14, 15, and 16 written...) and then I'm done... feels strange since I've been working on this since July, really. Year Zero is my baby... well, when it's done, we get Year Zero II! Hopefully. If Trent releases said album soon... otherwise I may use another album that may get switched up. Right now, I'm looking at Green Day Warning and AFI Crash Love.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


21st Century Breakdown ( is complete and posted for your viewing pleasure.

Year Zero will resume in December. I hope to have it complete by the end of the year. Don't forget to nominate it in the AFIslash awards this year! A Pretty Hate Romance will be started once I finish Year Zero... January, probably.

At the time, I am working on a prequel to One, Twenty-One Guns, the rest of American Idiot (prequel to 21CB) and St. Jimmy Died Today (

And you may have heard of the SSF (super secret fic)... it may or may not be in progress...

Suzy and I are gonna work on TDTWWA soon.


Friday, November 6, 2009

About the 21st Century Breakdown Blog...

I took it down and made it authors-only. Sorry y'alls. Chapter 6 just got wayyy deep. ._, and I don't ever want anyone to read the shitfest it is.