Saturday, September 12, 2009

Current Projects -- as of 1/15/10

Havok's Downward Spiral/Puget With Teeth (Javey) -- on permanent hiatus
Year Zero (Javey) -- in progress. First ten chapters are written/posted to AFISlash, eleven in progress
And You Could Have It All (Trentvey) -- finished
A Pretty Hate Romance (Trentvey; sequel to And You Could Have It All) -- in progress
The Day The World Went Away (Trentvey; coauthored by fuckedupheart/blaqkmess/my wife) -- in progress
Beside You (In Time) [Trentvey] -- completed
American Idiot [original] -- prequel to 21st Century Breakdown, in plannin
21st Century Breakdown [original] - completed; in editing
Don't Forget Me [original] - in progress/planning

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