Monday, August 24, 2009


1.) Are you active in the Fan Fiction community?


2.) What's the worst rating you've read(G, PG, PG-13, T, M, NC-17)?

NC-17 because I don't look at ratings, heh

3.) Have you ever written a fan fic?

What do you think? uh, duh

4.)What was the first fan fic you ever read?

Eh...I don't remember. Something Maximum Ride, I think.
Slash-wise, it was a Zemyx
RPS-wise, I believe "Consult My Lover" by Morticia Havok

5.) What was the first fan fic you ever wrote?

Um. Something KH-related? was that Harry Potter thing from 2nd grade.
But slashery? there was "Love Like Winter" which was a Zemyx. <3>

6.) Do you use your real name?


7.) Anime or music?

Music. But I love anime.

8.)Do you know what 'Lemon' and 'Lime' means?

I wish I didn't

9.) What's the worst you've ever written?

The voices in my character's mind showing him um...****ing his crush like an animal (I only added the last part because it was a chapter based on the song Closer)

10.) Has your writing improved over time?

Hell yes

11.) Who's your favorite author?

Uh...Morticia Havok. :) I have many nice things to say about her.

12.) What's the best fic you've ever read?

I really wanna say "(All Hate) What We've Become" by scarredsodeep
And "God Save the Queen" by Morticia Havok...and "Bitter for Sweet", same author
....dammit and "Dark Carnival of the Immaculate" by Sugar and Ice

13.) Have you ever actually cried at a fan fic?

Every time

14.) Have you ever gone through a day thinking of nothing but a certain story?


15.) Well written fics or anything goes?

I prefer well written plot-without-porn

16.) Can you name a quote from a fan fic off the top of your head?

"Ne me perdas." spoken by Davey in "Dark Carnival of the Immaculate" means "do not let me be lost" in Latin

17.) Hetro or Slash?


18.) Have you ever read stories over?

All the time. I read Dark Carnival a lot, and I'll read (All Hate) What We've Become when I need a good cry

19.) Have you ever read a threesome?

nope. always wanted to read an AFI foursome though

20.) One Shots or stories?

It depends...if I feel like reading a lot of something, story, but if not then OneShot

21.) Who's your favorite band to write about?

AFI and I've gotten way into NIN slash lately.

22.) Do you have a low tolerance for grammatically incorrect stories?


23.) If you read slash, what's your favorite pairing?

Javey (Jade/Davey)

mmm...Trentvey, too (Trent Reznor/Davey Havok YES)

24.) If you write, do you think you write well?

...all my friends say so

25.) Do you bring your real friends into fan fics?

not really..

26.) Have you ever requested to be in a fan fic?


27.) Has anyone ever requested to be in one of your fan fics?

no :(

28.) What do you think the most awkward slash pairing would be?


29.) What was the first slash story you ever read?

Morticia Havok's "Consult My Lover"

30.) Ever been to

...I'm on there. Like, I have an account and a 6-reviews-all-with-5-stars story. Seriously -- check out "Survivalism" by Suki Self-Destruct. tis my pride and joy

31.) Do you think slash is written better than most hetro stuff?

Most of the time...

32.) Are you ashamed of how you used to write?


33.) Have you ever read for six hours straight?

All summer long

34.) Do you get excited when a good author updates?


35.) Do you get excited when you see a sequel to a certain fan fic?

YES I nearly died when I read "Wake Up Call" (sequel to "Consult My Lover") and "Pretty People Never Lie, Vampires Never Really Die" (sequel to "Dark Carnival of the Immaculate)

36.) What's the best personality someone has ever given a celebrity in a fan fic?

Insane, schizophrenic, split-personality Davey from "(All Hate) What We've Become"

37.) Are you aware of how much Panic! At the Disco fan fiction there is?

Nope...and I'm glad I don't read it.

38.) Have you been introduced to new music through fan fiction?

I Am Ghost

39.) What's the cutest pairing you've ever read?


40.) What's the sexiest pairing you've ever read?

Advey (Adam/Davey) normally has very very hot sex scenes

41.) Have you ever gotten so accustomed to a certain author paired with a celebrity that you can't see said celebrity with anyone else?

wait what?

42.) Ever been to


43.) Have you ever wished that some slash pairings were true?

I'd love a real life Javey kiss!

44.) What's the best fan fiction community(Hetro or slash)?

Erm...I like

45.) Have you ever had discussions about fan fiction at school?

dear, I WRITE slash at school. Of course I talk about it! XD

46.) Have you ever read a fic out loud just to hear yourself impersonate what you think the characters sound like?


47.) Does your best friend write/read fan fiction?


48.) Ever talked out loud to a poster in your room about how your mad about a story that they were being a jackass in?

To a picture.

49.) Have you ever drawn a slash couple?

I drew a Zemyx (Zexion and Demyx from KH) pic

50.) Ever made a playlist to a story?

Three of my stories -- Havok's Downward Spiral, Puget With Teeth, and Year Zero -- are based off of albums

And You Could Have It All does...

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