Thursday, September 24, 2009

Give Me Novacaine (Trentvey Songfic)

by: suki self-destruct
For Losty.
I do not own the song off this was based. "Give Me Novacaine" belongs to Green Day. Trent and Davey own themselves. All I own is the plot. Thanks.


From where I sat in the corner of our room, I could hear Davey’s fitful sleeping, his constant shifting. I sighed. He was having another nightmare. As silently as I could, I stood up and walked over to our bed.

Davey’s long, tangled black hair was spread over his pillow and stuck to his skin with his sweat. His pale face was twisted into a pained, scared expression. It almost hurt to see him like this. Sitting down on the bed, I carefully took his thin hand in mine. He tensed suddenly, wrapping his hand tightly around mine and digging his painted nails into my flesh.

Without warning, Davey’s brown eyes snapped open. His only expression was fear -- pure, intense fear.

“Trent,” was all he said, rather faintly, before launching into my arms. I wrapped my arms around his shuddering shoulders as he cried.

“Take away the sensation inside. Bittersweet migraine in my head,” he whispered, “it’s like a throbbing toothache of the mind. I can’t take this feeling anymore…”

“I’ll drain the pressure from the swelling, babe,”

“This sensation’s overwhelming,” he muttered, “out of body and out of mind,”

I asked if I could do anything for him.

“Kiss the demons out of my dreams,” was all he answered with,.

I pulled him onto my lap and pulled him closer to me. Wiping away his tears with one hand, I kissed him, softly and slowly. Davey hesitated a bit before kissing back, his tears slowing. He quietly moaned as I entered his mouth with my tongue.

We pulled away after about a minute. Davey looked better now and I smiled.

“I get the funny feeling that’s alright,” I told him.

“Drain the pressure from the swelling…this sensation’s over whelming. Give me a long kiss goodnight and everything will be alright. Tell me that I won’t feel any pain,” Davey answered in a whisper, before gripping my shoulders and pushing me backwards so that I was laying down now. His lips fell onto mine and we kissed again, clinging together, feeling eachother again. I gently nibbled his lip ring and my tongue played at the corner of his mouth, sliding in as he let it.

After a while, we broke apart and fell asleep, Davey safely and peacefully in my arms.

“Give me Novacaine..” he mumbled in his sleep.

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