Monday, September 7, 2009

Vessel Teasers!

This is for those of you hooked on Year Zero. It will NOT be updated today, tomorrow at the earliest, so I'm giving you all a few teasers to sate your hunger for more.

The First Official Hundam Chapter includes...

The Cause of Hunter's Death:
“When?” Davey wondered aloud, fear creeping into his whispered tone. “When was he killed and who was the bastard who did it?!”
“February fourteenth,” Adam finally told us, “he was getting ‘interviewed’ -- he died at three PM of water poisoning.”

“Water poisoning? What’s--?”

“It’s when you drink so much water that your electrolytes become severely unbalanced,” Trent answered. “Not a fun way to die, but a favorite here.”
Hundam Admitted!:
“Funny, isn’t it,” Adam remarked after a minute of silence, “that he died the Valentine’s Day after I realized I loved him…”
...okay, those are the only two excerpts from the chapter that I'm posting. For now. I'll post some more if I don't update it tomorrow.

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