Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

AKA: My big-ass long post about my Year Zero inspirations.

The biggest inspiration I have had for this was where I got the inspiration to write the original "Survivalism" one-shot. And that was the actual Survivalism music video.
Long story short, there's a few clips of boysex. I made them Davey and Jade and told the story of the music video from their POV.

In a similar strain of inspiration is the YA novel, Little Brother, by Cory Doctorow. The arrest scene in "Survivalism" was -- subconsciously at the time -- influenced by the one in here. Read it. It's hella amazing and you can download it -- legally -- for free at this link.

The album Year Zero itself once I started writing the full fic and not just "Survivalism" and a couple of prequels.

The Year Zero ARG. Especially...
exterminal.net (water poisoning, some of the way people are treated, etc)
iamtryingtobelieve.com (the site that Nils sent Davey to in Hyperpower! as well as Parepin vs non-Parepin behavior, and Opal = Parepin)
gracetheteacher.com (very, very sad but helped me with my Parepin vs non-Parepin emotional states)
thepriceoftreason.com (punishments, other stories)
cedocore.com (Prozira!!, more on Parepin, a bit on Opal = Parepin)
[big thank you to NINWiki for keeping this organized!)

Bits and pieces of other Nine Inch Nails albums and songs, in particular...
Most of The Slip
"The Hand That Feeds" from [With_Teeth]
"March of the Pigs' from The Downward Spiral
"The Fragile" & "Into the Void" from The Fragile (major in creating Davey's character)

My friend, Losty, actually. When we put out heads together, we created some insane Presence-related conspiracies which have the potential to show up in Year Zero.

The Maximum Ride books, to a minor extent. Mainly the surveillance.

Green Day. "Viva La Gloria!" is one of the songs I listened to while working on chapter 16 (heh). Between 21st Century Breakdown and American Idiot (and "Minority!") there is quite a bit of Green Day on my "Year Zero Fic Mix." (oh yes, either Davey or Jade was in the class of '13 XD...Davey, I think).

Individual Songs:
-- The Matchbox 20 song "How Far We've Come." It's about the end of the world. Exactly.
-- "Testify" by Rage Against the Machine
-- "Vertigo," U2
-- Interestingly enough, "Alice of Human Sacrifice" by Vocaloid. The Red Alice is a lot like Trent, it seems, and the Blue Alice reminds me of Davey.

I have a feeling that another scifi book I'm reading, The Tomorrow Code by Brian Falkner, will have an effect on this.

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  1. Cool. Nice to see where these awesome ideas come from. :)