Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Somehow this has to do with writing.

I've been looking through my Survivalism journal (Which I should really call something else, like the Perfect Drug journal).
Thus named because I wrote my first (atrocious) draft of Survivalism. And some earlier drafts of Hyperpower! and Beginning of the End.

Why should it be called the Perfect Drug journal? If you recall, the chronological foursome of And You Could Have it All, Burnt Ravioli and Two Types of Salt, A Pretty Hate Romance (getting to that...) & Beside You (In Time) are all the Perfect Drug series. Yes? Well, I wrote my first, slightly-less-atrocious-than-Survivalism-but-still-pretty-bad draft of And You Could Have It All in there.
And a little chunk of a little story entitled How Did You Think We'd Get By Without You?, aka the original title/version of Pretty Hate Romance.

The first chapter was Piggy... and there was this little gem in there that probably won't make it into PHR:
"Aaron Fucking North here, how may I help you?"
"First off ,you stole my middle name. Secondly, you're gay with Jerome, right?"
"If it isn't Trent Fucking Reznor! And hell yes I am, just like you're gay with Davey."
"Hahaha. And I've called about Davey."
"Your boyfriend isn't here. Isn't he on tour? If he isn't, he's probably getting his nails done with Jerome..."

Oh, also in here is a Davey-doodle with the lyrics to Eraser around it, what would've been chapters 11, 13, and 14 of Havok's Downward Spiral (*shudder*), Davey's suicide note from HDS, some fics I never got around to writing (ala Since When is Wonderland Called Decemberunderground?! & the second chapter of a fic I started entitled Medicate), a little mini-essay entitled "A Not About Puget With Teeth", and... woah what the hell is this?!
Without You, Everything Falls Apart
Trentvey -> Crossovers
1. La Mer
2. The Perfect Drug
3. Closer to God

...oh wait, first draft of AYCHIA. Panic averted.

Continuing, my little doodles for AYCHIA, ... photography notes?!, holy crap first idea of Lost & Found Backstage (which I still wanna write), ...a chapter draft for Prelude 0000 (what was going to be the prequel to Survivalism which became YZ ch 1&2), what I thought were Medicate lyrics, an early draft of In This Twilight (ch15), and BOTE's draft.



  1. I thought I'd say hi after finding you when searching twitter for Year Zero (I'm part of the Year Zero Writers group). I see you're writing a book called Year Zero, which is fantastic - when you're ready to let it loose on the world let me know and we'll give you a huge shout out on site - would be too much fo a wonderful coincidence to pass up.
    Very best
    Dan (@agnieszkasshoes)

  2. Woah, how did I just see this?

    Thank you so much for the offer! I'd really love to take you up on it, but my story is fanfiction and terribly, terribly written. Totally not ready for public consumption.

    However, I've been planning a novella (maybe) with the same title. If it ever happens, I'll be sure to contact you guys!


    P.S. sorry I declined you on Twitter ages ago. I hadn't seen the post. Feel free to request a follow again. I'm really not that bad, I swear!